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Monday, December 16th 2013

11:50 PM

As the fair Rosa

  As the fair Rosa, with foreboding doubt, had foretold, so ithappened. Whilst John de Witt was climbing the narrowwinding stairs which led to the prison of his brotherCornelius, the burghers did their best to have the troop ofTilly, which was in their way, removed.
  Seeing this disposition, King Mob, who fully appreciated thelaudable intentions of his own beloved militia, shouted mostlustily, --"Hurrah for the burghers!"As to Count Tilly, who was as prudent as he was firm, hebegan to parley with the burghers, under the protection ofthe cocked pistols of his dragoons, explaining to thevaliant townsmen, that his order from the States commandedhim to guard the prison and its approaches with threecompanies.
  "Wherefore such an order? Why guard the prison?" cried theOrangists.
  "Stop," replied the Count, "there you at once ask me morethan I can tell you. I was told, 'Guard the prison,' and Iguard it. You, gentlemen, who are almost military menyourselves, you are aware that an order must never begainsaid.""But this order has been given to you that the traitors maybe enabled to leave the town.""Very possibly, as the traitors are condemned to exile,"replied Tilly.
  "But who has given this order?""The States, to be sure!""The States are traitors.""I don't know anything about that!""And you are a traitor yourself!""I?""Yes, you.""Well, as to that, let us understand each other gentlemen.
  Whom should I betray? The States? Why, I cannot betray them,whilst, being in their pay, I faithfully obey their orders."As the Count was so indisputably in the right that it wasimpossible to argue against him, the mob answered only byredoubled clamour and horrible threats, to which the Countopposed the most perfect urbanity.
  "Gentlemen," he said, "uncock your muskets, one of them maygo off by accident; and if the shot chanced to wound one ofmy men, we should knock over a couple of hundreds of yours,for which we should, indeed, be very sorry, but you evenmore so; especially as such a thing is neither contemplatedby you nor by myself.""If you did that," cried the burghers, "we should have a popat you, too.""Of course you would; but suppose you killed every man Jackof us, those whom we should have killed would not, for allthat, be less dead.""Then leave the place to us, and you will perform the partof a good citizen.""First of all," said the Count, "I am not a citizen, but anofficer, which is a very different thing; and secondly, I amnot a Hollander, but a Frenchman, which is more differentstill. I have to do with no one but the States, by whom I ampaid; let me see an order from them to leave the place toyou, and I shall only be too glad to wheel off in aninstant, as I am confoundedly bored here.""Yes, yes!" cried a hundred voices; the din of which wasimmediately swelled by five hundred others; "let us march tothe Town-hall; let us go and see the deputies! Come along!
  come along!""That's it," Tilly muttered between his teeth, as he saw themost violent among the crowd turning away; "go and ask for ameanness at the Town-hall, and you will see whether theywill grant it; go, my fine fellows, go!"The worthy officer relied on the honour of the magistrates,who, on their side, relied on his honour as a soldier.
努力せず 立ち位置が違う 私は放棄を恐れる。 以前にどこかで 女性的感受 鉄道も Oさん 残念ながら 眠りにつくよ 結論に辿
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That was indeed a great read. The excerpt that was shared here has the very essence of the whole story and gives us an idea of the theme of it. I do like to read those stories which have a dark and mysterious side to it. It is always thrilling to read such works.
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